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Introducing Retirement Benchmark™

How Do You Create Your Own Retirement Benchmark™?

To begin creating your Retirement Benchmark™, simply click here, or call us at 866-762-7526

A representative will walk through the process with you, outlining the steps and the information required to complete each step.

Once your customized Retirement Benchmark™ has been generated and sent to you, your representative will schedule a time to review the plan with you.

Report Details
See what you get in a Retirement Benchmark

Planning Process
See the steps and process to create your Plan

How Our Plan is Different
Focus, mission, expertise, process – all different

It's tough to save for retirement. You should enjoy the fruits of your efforts. You deserve a dynamic, tax-efficient plan that can change as your life changes.

Get the most out of your retirement assets by developing a smart, personalized investment and withdrawal plan.

A personalized withdrawal strategy includes all of your retirement resources thoughtfully integrated into a plan with recommendations on how to most efficiently generate income. A withdrawal strategy has to include the following elements:

  • Income Needs & Expense Management – Your expenses in retirement likely will not be consistent from year to year. We guide you in determining your likely expenses at every stage of retirement so you can feel confident that the money will be there when you need it.
  • Spend-down Strategy –Most people have multiple retirement resources (401(k), IRA, pensions, and others)  and need advice on withdrawing funds in a way to maximize longevity and minimize taxes. We analyze different strategies to figure out a tax-efficient way to withdraw money, which may help your portfolio last longer.
A Retirement Benchmark is...

Tax Savvy
Different kinds of savings plans are taxed at different rates. In order to keep more of what’s yours, you must know the most tax savvy way to access your money.

Your life will inevitably experience change. You need a retirement plan that is dynamic to change as circumstances do.

Our sophisticated technology leverages both tax expertise and sound investment management principles to make the most of your money.